Securing us for your special day is easy.
1. Complete the booking form
2. Read the terms & conditions
3. £300 deposit payable by bacs to
a/c name: The Dawdling Duck Mobile Bar Ltd
a/c no: 38282255
sort code: 23-05-80

Please contact us if you would like to pay your deposit by credit card. Please note that there is a £7.75 processing fee.

Terms & Conditions of Booking

  1. Payment:
    • Your booking is not confirmed until we have confirmed receipt of your £300 deposit and the submission of this booking form.
    • The minimum spend for all packages is £1000 (or £1500 if we are not the sole supplier of drinks.)
    • Mallard package - if the bar fails to take the minimum spend, we ask you make up the difference. You agree for us to take this from your deposit. If the difference is greater than the deposit we will send you an invoice.
    • All-inclusive packages - You agree to pay the agreed price per person, minus your deposit on receipt of our pre-event invoice. This is usually two weeks before the event date.
    • We will send a final invoice following the event confirming payment in full, or asking for further payment for outstanding charges.
  2. Cancellation:
    • If you cancel your booking following confirmation we reserve the right not to refund your deposit.
    • If you cancel within 4 weeks of the event, you agree to pay us the minimum spend for the bar.
    • If we are able to get another booking on your date we waive the above payments.
  3. Infrastructure:
    • You confirm there is a power supply (standard 13 amp 220v) within 50 meters of the bar for our use.
    • You agree there will be somewhere close to the bar for us to park at least 2 vehicles. We will need access to our vehicles throughout the event to restock the bar. You will inform us if this is an issue.
    • Please inform us if there is no reasonable access to fresh drinking water.
    • You agree to allow us reasonable access to dishwashing facilities where they are available.
  4. Supply:
    • You agree that we are the sole provider of beverages at your event, unless previously notified. Guests will not bring their own beverages for their and others consumption. This includes consumption of drinks from a private house / location.
    • You agree that any drinks & glasses that have been supplied to guests prior to our start of service are cleared away & do not remain available for guests to help themselves to.
    • In the unfortunate event that drinks are supplied from another source, we reserve the right to charge a flat fee of £500 for loss of earnings and costs incurred.
    • We purchase stock based on the numbers you provide. You agree to estimate as close as possible the number of adults (18+) and children (5-17) you believe will be in attendance. We do not charge for children under 5.
    • If your guest numbers exceed your estimation then you agree to inform us of this and agree to pay, where applicable, for these additional guests.
  5. Glasses
    • We supply glasses for our staff to serve your guests from our bars.
    • If you have caterers, please confirm they are supplying glasses for the table and for toasting. If they are not, we can organise glasses of your choice for a small fee - please let us know.
    • Please let us know if you would like us to supply mineral water or tap water during your meal.
    • Our glasses include hi-ball, wine, flute, shot, gin, pint, half pint, tumbler, coupe & martini glasses. If you wish us to supply any other style of glass then please let us know so we can hire these in.
    • We will change to disposable glasses approximately one hour before the event concludes to allow us to commence packing up.
    • Broken, damaged & lost glasses are charged at the following rates; Hi-ball & Shot - £1.50, Pint, Half-Pint, Wine, Flute & Tumbler - £2.00, Gin, Coupe & Martini - £3.00
    • You agree to ensure any items we lease or hire on your behalf, (glasses or otherwise,) are returned to us in the same condition as we supplied them. You agree to pay any penalties or surcharges if items are not returned to us or returned damaged.
  6. Bar Staff:
    • We will bring enough staff to ensure your guests do not have an unreasonable wait for a drink.
    • 3 members of staff is standard for most events.
    • The use of our staff for tasks unconnected to our services must be agreed by us.
  7. General Supply of Alcohol
    • You must inform us whether a Temporary Entertainment Notice is required for the event at the time of booking. We will apply to the local authority for this notice where one is required. You agree to cover the fee - currently £21.
    • We will not serve alcohol to anyone we suspect to be under 18 years old, and use the 'Challenge 25' system.
  8. Inclusive drinks
    • We reserve the right to change a specific item to something of comparable or better quality.
    • Premium drinks are those that are not included in the inclusive package. The majority of these are more expensive spirits and beers. These are available during the inclusive for at a reduced price where a Temporary Event Notice can be obtained.
    • We have a common sense serving policy during the all-inclusive periods to ensure the drinks we serve are for immediate consumption and that we are not encouraging irresponsible drinking. We will not knowingly serve anyone who is drunk.
    • Guests can request up to 2 drinks per visit.
    • We serve single measures of spirits during the all-inclusive period, and served with a mixer of choice.
  9. Contract:
    • The completion and submission of the booking form is taken as your agreement of these terms and conditions.
    • You agree to allow us reasonable use of photographs and videos taken by us at your event on social media to promote our business. Will we gain the consent of any persons in the photos / videos.
    • You consent to us storing your details in line with current legislation.